Predictions for US trade policy under Joe Biden

Predictions for Joe Biden trade policy. What will Biden do on China, jobs, WTO, climate change, FTAs, the environment?

Submission to the Inquiry into Diversifying Australia’s Trade and Investment Profile

China is far and away Australia’s biggest export market, and it is growing faster than other markets. But China carries unique risks for Australian businesses. While the Australian Government should pursue, significant diversification is at best a long-term prospect. Even then, China is likely to remain Australia’s top export market and considerable scope for economicContinue reading “Submission to the Inquiry into Diversifying Australia’s Trade and Investment Profile”

Managing Chinese economic risks means more than diversification

Mercury Principal, Heath Baker, writes in the Lowy Institute’s Interpreter that Australia must continue to trade with China. But with bilateral relations at a historic low, the impact of Chinese economic coercion will fall squarely on Australian businesses. Businesses need to know about economic coercion when it’s attempted and have a clear understanding of the other theContinue reading “Managing Chinese economic risks means more than diversification”

International risk returns

International risk has increased and will continue to increase. This is a structural shift caused by changing economic and political power internationally, technological advancement and increased inequality. The result is greater populism, nationalism and protectionism.

Despite these shifts, international trade and investment will continue to offer unmatched opportunities for increased sales, profits and diversification. But businesses will need to better understand the risks and mitigate the risks they face in international markets.