About Mercury

Our mission is to help you navigate international politics, policy and business

Mercury was the messenger of the Roman gods, providing people with the gods’ insights and knowledge. He was the god of trade, merchants and travellers.

Like our Roman namesake, we interpret the messages and actions of the powerful and deliver them to you as actionable intelligence.

Our mission is to help you navigate international politics, policy and business.

We help businesses identify new markets, and better understand and mitigate the risks of the markets they are already in. We help you understand Australian policy settings and directions, and help you strategically engage the Australian Government to support your business’s needs.

Heath Baker,
Principal of Mercury

Heath founded Mercury to help businesses better understand and engage with risk internationally. Too many businesses either ignore risks or avoid them completely.

For 15 years, Heath has worked in international trade, foreign policy and national security.

Over this time, he was the CEO of the Export Council of Australia, Trade Commissioner to South Korea and State Director for NSW at Austrade, International Strategy Advisor at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and Intelligence Analyst.

Heath has worked with businesses ranging from ASX 200 to start-ups. He has worked with Commonwealth, state and local governments, a range of industry associations and large international investors.

He is a sought-after commentator on international trade, appearing on television (CNBC, Sky News) and in newspapers (The Australian, Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and The Guardian).

About Mercury

We help businesses, governments and industry associations strategically engage with the world

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